Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Outed on NPR!

Yes, it’s true – my cover has been blown! National Public Radio (NPR) was kind enough to feature a 10-minute segment on “The Musical Mercenary” on the news program All Things Considered. You can listen to me wax lyrical about the intersection of war and opera.

Host Jacki Lyden’s witty cool could disarm even the toughest warlord, and everyone at NPR, especially Petra, was magnifico!

Hear the pop collision of war and opera:


Oscar1986 said...

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Solera said...

Excellent interview - made me see opera in a new light (which is to say, I'll actually listen to some now!). Thanks for providing the context to help me make sense of opera. I hope to hear more from you on this subject. Perhaps if NPR or another outlet interviews you again you could cover specific historical instances where opera and war intersected?

Good luck to you - I hope to hear more soon!

Il Condottiero said...

If you liked the interview and would like to hear more new ways to live opera, TELL NPR!!


Pick the "All Things Considered" program.

May all your passions be most deadly,

Katherine said...

I was driving home and heard your interview on NPR. I have enjoyed opera since I was a child - still do, and sing in the chorus in our company here in Wichita, Kansas. Opera is for everyone - thank you!

Mary said...

I loved the 8/5 NPR interview!
Sometimes excellent writers fall flat speaking. But you are the rare critic that both writes and speaks brillantly with nuanced humor. I sense your knowledge, passion and experience. I was drawn to your blog because of your humanitarian work in Africa. Now I surprisingly find myself on the edge of venturing into opera. You have humanized two enigmas - war and opera. When can I hear you again on ATC?!